Worst Date Wednesday: The Plunger

Holly sent us a story about her worst date that is one of the favorites in awhile mostly because of the visual element of her story. 


I will honestly be shocked if any worst date is worse than this. A few years ago when I had just turned 21, I met a guy from Tinder at his house. Dumb, but didn’t understand how dumb (or dangerous!) it was at the time. I parked on the street and he said I should move it to his driveway so I didn’t get ticketed. He was super cute, totally normal, and everything was going fine. We were hanging out chatting and watching TV, and he said he had to use the bathroom. After 5 or more minutes went by, I wondered what was taking so long. I noticed the door was slightly open, so I walked up and asked if everything was okay and all I could hear was running water. The water shut off, and he swung the door open and insisted he was fine. It was like he was a totally different person. He started pacing around and was acting totally crazy. He was saying weird things and telling crazy stories and seemed completely off the rails. I started feeling uncomfortable and wanted to leave but was 21 and naive and didn’t know how. Some time passed and I convinced myself maybe I was being the weird one. Somehow, he convinced me to go up the road to the gas station with him so he could get some cigarettes. We get in his car, he opens the garage door, AND BACKS STRAIGHT INTO MY VEHICLE THAT HE TOLD MR TO PARK IN HIS DRIVEWAY.

 I get out, see there is a dent, and immediately burst into tears because 

1.) I had just gotten my car back from the shop after being in an accident, and 

2.) WTF was I gonna tell my parents who I still lived with at the time!?  

He tells me to stop crying and that he’d get me his insurance information. He goes inside, and I take pictures of EVERYTHING. When I went back inside, he handed me a card with his info written on it and then ran downstairs. I took a moment to get myself together and grab my stuff, and he comes back upstairs holding a bucket of water and a toilet plunger and goes, “Oh, you’re leaving?” Um, duh??? We go outside, I get into my car, and then watch this dude LITERALLY try to reverse the dent in his bumper with the toilet plunger. You can’t make this up. Drove out of there like my life depended on it. If you think the story is over, you are wrong. The next morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn to report it to his insurance before I could tell my parents the made up story I came up with about the dent. And wouldn’t you know, HE GAVE ME FAKE INSURANCE INFORMATION. No policy holder under his name or license place. Sweet. No wonder he tried to suction it out himself. I texted him asking for a photo of his insurance card, and he had blocked my number AND blocked me on Tinder. My car still has the dent. Learned a lot of lessons from that night! 

What I didn’t understand until I talked to my girlfriends about it is that the reason he was acting so crazy is because he was totally doing coke in the bathroom and had the water running so I couldn't hear him. Go figure. I’m so lucky I was not hurt, and it gives me the creeps to think about where he was actually planning on taking me and how safely we would have gotten there. I took a long hiatus from Tinder after that. Lesson learned, always meet in a public place and if a guy makes you feel uncomfortable, trust your gut and get out of that situation! 

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