Ten Tips For Parenting Only Children

I grew up in a family with six kids.  It was great. I was the youngest so I was the most spoiled. Sure, I had to wear my brother's hand-me-downs but when you're 7, you think that's kinda cool!

Carson isn't an only child but Allison is 9 years older than he is and she hasn't lived at home full time since he was nine, so he's kind of been raised as an only child a lot of his life.

BTW, I think it's great that some people choose to only have one child. In today's world it's a smart choice for a lot of couples.  I love kids and I say have all that you want and that you can afford. I've learned from reading thousands of Christmas Wish letters over the last 25 years that having children you're not able to support financially is the first tumbling domino in a life of lack and need. 

Here are ten tips from Parents.com on raising an only child!  I love that one of them is to have them join a Scout troop!  Girls can join too, ya know!

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