5 Women on How to Successfully Negotiate a Raise

Five successful women talk about what works (and what doesn't) when asking for a raise.

I don't handle raises at our station but I've coached Falen, Meatsauce and Jenny on how to get more money.  I helped a woman in another city go from $70,000 to $110,000 in one raise and I felt pretty good about it.  So did she!  

First of all, always negotiate from a position of power.  Remember, if they're talking to you about hiring you, you are their first choice. They might not have a second choice, and if they do, she's probably WAAAAAAY back in second place.  They don't want her.  They want YOU.  Remember that.

Be prepared to leave. If they know you're not going anywhere, they'll lowball you and you'll take it because you know as well as they do that you don't have any other options.

Five years ago, iHeart let my contract run out.  In radio, that's unheard of if you have a decently successful show.  I was pissed and hurt so I started talking to a station in Miami.  That station offered me a job and I was ready to go.  Only THEN did iHeart get interested.  I was able to turn it into a GREAT raise. Why? Because I had another offer.  That's a powerful position to be in.

Here are five women with some great information.

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