Dave's Weekend in Five Photos April 13-15


Wow, I don't remember a two-and-a-half day blizzard in my entire life!  Not only did it happen in April, when we should be thinking about riding our bikes or playing golf, it went on and on and it was BAD.

Carson had to plow the driveway twice. He should have done it three times cuz by the time he did it the second time on Sunday morning, our little snowblower wasn't quite up to the task.

My daughter, Allison is getting married in June and her shower was Saturday.  Yes, during the worst of the blizzard.  She was worried no one would show up. That happened at her birthday party when she was 5. We had it at the McDonald's in Chanhassen and the weather was terrible and I think only one girl showed up.  She might remember it as sad now, but I was there and she was just fine with it then.

Carson's buddy spent the night Friday and so I thought I'd make breakfast for them. I've made bacon and pancakes a million times and thought "No big deal." But I burnt the @$^#$ out of the bacon and cooked the pancakes too long. You know it's bad when two teenage boys each only eat one pancake.

You may or may not remember that Oregon Trail was a huge computer game for a lot of kids. Target sells a hand-held version so I had to pick it up. It's just as fun as you remember.

When you're stuck inside for the weekend, you do stuff like straighten your electronics drawer. I WISH I'd taken a before picture because it looks like a bird's nest before I started. And why do we have 47 of the exact same USB cable?

I hope you had a good weekend inside and didn't have to cancel too many fun things.

It's supposed to warm up NEXT week (not this week) to normal temperatures. Maybe Spring really will come!

Have a good week and thanks for looking at my blog!


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