Five Things My Family Loved On Our Trip to Omaha

Bridges Madison County

A trip to Omaha wasn't on our short list for places to go on spring break this year but we're happy Visit Omaha invited us to visit because it's easily one of the best road trips we've ever taken. During our trip, we did so many cool things.  The drive is the only "struggle" to the trip and it's really just the part between Minneapolis and Des Moines because after that the view improves. Not long after leaving Des Moines, a quick stop that's totally worth it, stopping in Madison Couty to see one of the Bridges of Madison County at least just so you can get some awesome insta-photos.

When you finally get to Omaha and you're looking for dinner go and check out Old Market. It's one of Omaha's arts and entertainments district that's full of great restaurants, breweries and other things to do. 

These are the activities we did in Omaha with the kids and loved. Up first week took a quick 20 minute drive to visit the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum. It's packed with two hangars of airplanes and each and everyone in my family loved it.

The next stop is four minutes away, Wildlife Safari Park, with animals native to the midwest and while of course, we were there on a cold and windy day we still saw Elk, Buffalo, wolves and a black bear.

That evening for dinner and to burn off some energy we visited The Amazing Pizza Machine which can only be described as Dave and Busters meets Nick Universe and it's awesome.  They have video games, go-karts, rides and a pizza buffet and is an awesome way to burn some energy at the end of the day. 

The Amazing Pizza Machine

If for some strange reason you can only choose ONE thing to do while on your trip the one thing you must do is the Omaha Zoo.  It's the first thing people mention when you say, "I'm going to Omaha" and there's a good reason, it's amazing, we were there for 4 hours and didn't even get to see and do everything. It's massive with the world's largest desert dome, an amazing aquarium and all different types of animals that you won't see anywhere else.  

Do yourself a favor and put it on top of your short list and 'Visit Omaha" this summer. If you need more ideas or recommendations feel free to email me,

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