Minneapolis Monkey Mystery: Monkey Remains Found In Old Dayton's Building

Workers have been working to renovate the old Dayton's building for the last few months and while cleaning I'm sure they've found a lot of strange things but this has to take the cake. While cleaning out the air ducts they found a MONKEY. Old Minneapolis, a historic site, posted a photo of the monkey on its Facebook page and solicited answers.

After a number of people theorized about remains a Twin Cities family stepped forward with a plausable guess.  From WCCO,

Robbinsdale Mayor Regan Murphy knew his father as a stoic man.

“It was fun to learn about this side we didn’t know about my dad,” he said.

It wasn’t until his father passed away that family friends told him about Larry Murphy’s more mischievous past.

“They got into a lot of trouble,” Mayor Murphy said.

“He was an Irish boy. I think that says it all,” Larry’s wife Monica said.

Monica met Larry Murphy in high school in the 1960s and they eventually married. He told her a story from junior high when he and a buddy stole a monkey from the pet store at Dayton’s.

“Monkeys are not house broken,” she said. “The monkey was discovered by Tom’s mom, and she said ‘Absolutely not. Can’t have it, can’t keep it.”

They brought it back to the store and released it, never knowing what happened to it.


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