50 Ways to Be a Fantastic Parent

Another article from Parents.com!

Seriously, I get so many great blog posts from that website, I could do one every day.  I swear I'm not getting paid by them to plug their stuff, it's all just great little tidbits that most parents really can use.

Hmmmmmmm...What's your tip for being a great parent?  People say, "Remember, you're their parent, not their friend" and yes that's true.  Imagine the confusion of a 10 year old if the person that was their friend a few minutes ago is now berating them for forgetting to feed the dog.  

That happened to me once that I can clearly remember.  We'd gone out to a horse show and a great time.  We were buddies.  When we got home he saw that I'd put some old food on the birdfeeder and he was pissed at me for wasting food.  I was confused that the guy who was just my buddy was now pissed at me and making me feel stupid.

But now that I think about it, of COURSE we are our kid's friend most of the time. We take them camping and skiing, we play hockey and board games with them.  So you have to figure out on your own where the line is with being their friend and not cross it.

Here are a bunch more great tips.

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