Meet "Dat Brass Doe" 2018!!!

And now, the "Dat Brass Doe" line up for 2018!  Watch for us this summer in parades in your neighborhood!

If you'd like us to be in your parade, chances are we'll do it!  Just email me at

On trombone, returning for her second season, it's Ellen!

We had a rule last year: "No Woodwinds!" but we figured rules are meant to be broken. On sax, Ellen!

Rocking the trombone section for his second season, Marshall!

Welcome Jordan in his first year with the band on trombone!

Veteran of the Baritone section, welcome back Meagan!

Latest addition to the percussion section, on quads, give it up for Jacob!

Returning to jam with the low brass, it's Mitchell on Tuba!

Returning for another big season...On trombone, it's Joe!

All the way from some little town near Brainerd, our conductor Jennie! Back for a second year!

On mellophone, it's Wendi, back for her second big year!

Justin is back on mellophone.  His twin brother is also in the band.  Can you guess who?

Avery joins us for his first year on mellophone!

Our youngest member, Jacob, returning for year two in trombones!

On percussion/snare, it's Jason!

Returning for another magical year in the trumpet section, it's Kristin!

Returning for year two in the Tuba section, it's Alex!  (Alex is Wendi's son)

Gina is back for another magical year in the trumpet section! Woot woot!

And the biggest smart-ass in the band award goes to...New Mom, Kelly Ann in the trumpet section!

Rookie trumpet player Justin!  Welcome Justin!  He's actually not a rookie at playing trumpet, he's really good!  Just new in our band!

And Vikki! Joining the trumpet section for her first season.  Welcome Vikki!

And this idiot, doing his best to keep up with the trumpets.

Not everyone came to photo night.  Missing are Jason, Kevin, Rachel and Staci on Trumpet. Oh, and Carson on bass drum.

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