Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Minnesota Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is a time for family but with our families living 18 hours away that means we spend a lot of time with our friends during the holidays. Our weekend started with a sleep over and an impromptu party at our house with a group of friends and their kids.

Saturday we ended up going to a snowy, freezing cold, easter egg hunt at a friends house and the best part for me was hiding eggs in places kids cant reach forcing them to find creative ways to get them down. 

Saturday evening I joined some friends and went to the corner bar in St. Michaels and while I'm not someone that ususally buys pull tabs I was feeling lucky and I WON.  I ended up only spending $10 on paper crack but walked away with $112. 

Sunday morning Olivia was the first one to find her easter basket because she snuck downstairs early. It was a thing this morning so after a time out that I'm sure felt like forever she was allowed to go and find her easter basket.  (Editors note: The dogs cage was not where she was put for time out but that doesn't mean she shouldn't have been put there.)

Sunday afternoon another step in a project that should've been done a month ago was complete.  We're working on an office for my wife and I in the basement and this  is a barnwood accent wall

If you're wondering the answer is yes, we have adorable pictures of the dogs dressed as a bunny but we DO NOT have pictures of the kids dressed up in Easter outfits because they decided to be naughty. 

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