This Disney vs. Pixar Bracket is Causing Serious Issues

This Disney vs. Pixar bracket is more controversial than any of your busted March Madness brackets. 

We've all seen it circulating on Twitter, probably because you've seen people you follow get into heated arguments over it. The bracket where movie lovers pit their childhood favorites against each other. I agree, this is cruel and unusual punishment, but there must a winner. 

I filled my bracket out last night and was immediately attacked (not really) for my choices.

My bracket:

True story - Ratatouille is actually top 3 Pixar for me... I know this makes me weird...

ANYWAYS! I want to see what your brackets look like! Save this one below and fill it out, then share it on social and make sure you tag me (@TinaRange) so I can see what you would have picked!!

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