Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 3/23 - 3/25

I once again didn't do much Friday night so no pics.  Saturday, I went running around the lakes in Uptown at the perfect time.  It was about 5pm and the sun came out for a little but was cold enough to keep my super sweaty-self feeling comfortable. 

Our wonderful night girl, Raven, is leaving us :(  We had a going away party for her Saturday night at the Wild Onion.  I'm not usually in this situation, but I had to be at Wild Bill's later so I was completely sober around a bunch of drunk people and it was hilarious to watch.  WE'LL MISS YOU RAVEN!

A bachelorette party showed up so Falen participated in the classic "Suck for a buck" game. 

Later I headed off to Wild Bill's in Blaine where I met a ton of people! Here I am with Judy and her son. 

And from left to right Jordyn, me, Chelsea, Ali, and Dannie! Nice to meet all of you :) This Saturday (3/31) is your last chance to try and win $10k!  I'll be at the Wild Bill's in Woodbury 11p-1am, so please come out and say hi if you're free!

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