101 Dishes That Changed America including One From Minnesota

Thrillist.com just put together a list of the, quote, "101 dishes that changed America" . . . basically, the foods people in this country invented that became staples on our menus forever or started major trends.

Here are some of the highlights . . .

The hot dog in 1916

Reuben sandwich in 1920

Cheesesteak in 1930

Chocolate chip cookies in 1936

Prime rib in 1938

Fried chicken in 1940 

Deep dish pizza in 1943 

Nachos in 1943 

Minnesota's own Juicy Lucy is the only item that made the list and it totally deserves its spots. Here's what they said about it. 

20. The Jucy Lucy

Year: c. 1950

Restaurant: Matt’s Bar

Minneapolis, Minnesota

How it happened:  A gloriously simple bar burger stuffed with molten cheese, the humble Jucy Lucy has been providing accidental burns to the mouth for decades: "You boys know you need to wait a minute or two,” a Matt's Bar waitress told our burger critic on one visit. “Or you’ll get burned.” Two Cedar Avenue bars in Minneapolis claim to have invented the thing -- 5-8 Club and Matt’s -- though it can now be found at pretty much any Minnesota bar that operates a grill. Given the bars’ close proximities to one another, it’s entirely plausible that the same weirdo customer who originally ordered two patties with cheese in the middle just walked up and down Cedar Avenue ordering the same thing, and both Matt's and 5-8 put it on the menu. But Matt’s has stuck to its story much more consistently, and made the burger an icon thanks both to its delicious execution and its steadfast misspelling of “juicy.”Why it’s important: Long before Doritos Locos Tacos and mac & cheese-stuffed Cheetos, stunt food was a much simpler endeavor. The Jucy Lucy is a precursor to that, but it’s also an important milestone in the evolution of hamburgers themselves, leading the charge for industrious chefs (and more than a few infomercial entrepreneurs) to begin stuffing their burgers. -- AK


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