Kanye West App ‘Yeezy Dating’ Coming Soon!

Raise your hand if you love Kanye


Now raise your hand if you're looking for loovvveeeeeee.

Oh wow, so all of you? 

Well I have some great news! A 'Yeezy Dating' app is coming soon! Yeezy Dating is a "A Dating Site for fans of the genius Mr Kanye West." Right now you can sign up for early access with your email. There is only one, very small, stipulation...

The platform started after 21-year-old, Harry Dry, Crowdfunded for it. “I’ve been building a dating site for Kanye West fans for the last month or so and I’m very close to finishing it I just need a little help with the final development + marketing!” Dry writes on the page.

Soooo I'm not saying that I'm signing up early, but I'm also not saying that I'm not... is it too much to ask that my future boyfriend also supports our lord and savior, Kanye West?

See you on Yeezy Dating ;)

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