Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 3/16 - 3/18

One place you usually don't find me on a Friday night is the gym, but I didn't feel like doing much that night so this is the most exciting thing I did Friday. 

I went to Surly Saturday afternoon for a kickball friend's birthday party.  We spent the majority of the time on the patio since it was a glorious sunny day (hence the major squinty eyes).

I have some hometown friends that come to visit every year to do a party bus pub crawl to all the Irish bars around the cities so I met up with them for a drink at Dubliners. 

I was at the Wild Bill's in Apple Valley Saturday night and met Jenna and Caily!  Along with my girl Ashley (not pictured).   I'll be at Wild Bill's Blaine this Saturday, if you're free, come out and hang :)

Sunday I worked my serving job and then went running around Lake Nokomis with my friend Tiffany.  I never used to like running outside and now I live for it so words can't describe how excited I am for this weather to get better (hopefully).

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