Dave's Weekend Locked Inside in Five Pictures March 16-18

How was YOUR weekend?

I took a day-long first aid course all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday so mine was...different. I'm not complaining though.  The teacher was great, I met some great people, I'm doing something for the greater good with little sacrifice and I learned some things that may save someone's life some day.

Here's my weekend in five pictures:

We learned everything from CPR, how to treat shock, snake bites, severe burns and so much more.  I had to take the course because I'm taking our Boy Scout Troop to Florida this summer and the adults have to know what to do if someone gets hurt or sick.  Totally worth it.  These are dummies simulating people who got stabbed with a sharp stick. Would you have any idea what to do?  I didn't before this weekend!

Friday afternoon was all mine.  I took a Cessna 172 up flying just for 30 minutes.  It was a beautiful day!

Back to the first aid course.  This is Jethro.  He lives at the house where we took the course. He is such a good boy! Very friendly and loveable.  I want a German Shepherd!

But I've got my Josie.  I got home late Saturday and she was so happy to see me.  I sat on the coffee table and she jumped up to sit on my lap and be scratched. We really do love each other.  Notice Roger is the one photo-bombing this time, not the other way around.

And we'll wrap up with a total random.  We had a lunch break on Saturday so we went to a restaurant in New Prague.  On the way out, I stopped at a gumball machine to get some gum.   But I didn't get gum. Instead I won a whole dollar!  Well, that's kind of cool, right?

I hope you had a good weekend.  Thanks for looking at my blog!


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