Live Performances That Completely Destroyed Careers

I remember watching Ashlee Simpson's lip-syncing, wrong-track-selection performance on SNL years ago.  I actually felt bad for her. No, she's not a musician and not a great singer, but hey she was trying.

And if you put a performer without a lot of stage experience in a tricky, crappy, embarrassing predicament, she'll have no idea how to handle it.   That's why years of playing in dumpy little clubs pays off big for acts that eventually play big arenas.  They know what do if things go wrong.  Poor Ashlee had no experience and no clue what to do and they threw her to the wolves.

Watch her's and other awful, career-changing performances in this video.

OH and as a bonus, here's a shocking look at Ashlee's plastic surgery transformation over the years.

Click here to see it.

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