Help! I'm Freaking Out About Our Dogs Mattings!

We have two Golden Doodles, Charlie and Murray that are our fur babies and we're facing a major challenge with them that has us freaked out.  It has nothing to do with potty training, it has to do with matting.  All dogs deal with matting but golden doodles don't shed so it's super important that you take care of their coat.  We do an okay job but the other a dog groomer FREAKED ME THE EFF OUT and said the matting on Charlie was so bad that we needed to go to a vet and have the mats cut out with a RAZOR BLADE!  This seemed suspect.

While searching to learn more about matting, I came upon this nightmare of a photo of a dog whose obviously loved by his owner because he was taken to a groomer but the groomer had to clip his fur down extremely short because the matting was just that bad. 

The groomer for the photo did give some advice for dealing with dogs that deal with matting. 

I promise you, I'd rather not clip your baby naked either! I also don't want to hurt my reputation when the clients go around complaining about how the last groomer "scalped" their dog....But doodles are easily one of the highest maintenance dogs in reference to their coats. The combination of the soft coat of a golden, or aussie, or newf, or wheaten, or whatever they are mixing poodles with these days is a coat that is SO prone to matting. And even more so are the new "double doodles" that i like to call "double maintenance".

I even find some doodles on a regular schedule still need to be clipped once or twice a year (maybe not shaved, but maybe teddy bear length for a fresh start) because after all of the brushing and de-matting, the damaged coat seems to become even MORE likely to matt.If you like a fluffy pup, you probably need to consider no more than 3-5 week intervals between grooming AND set aside time for regular COMBING at home. A doodle grooming STARTS at $125 (with my service) so make sure you’ve set aside that budget.

We took the dogs to the vet on and along with the groomer that worked there, they said we don't need to have a vet use a razor to cut out the mats but we will need to give him a pretty big haircut. Does anyone have similar problems with their dogs?  How do you deal with it? 

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