Dave's Weekend in Five Photos March 9-11

It was kind of a slow weekend for me.  Sometimes that's nice but this time it just kind of happened that way. Susan just had surgery so we kinda laid low.  Here's my weekend in five pictures:

This wasn't really a highlight, just the pets being cute.  They're not really banned from going downstairs, they just don't and we don't encourage it. So when Susan and I were down there, I looked up and saw these two watching from the top of the stairs.

BTW, Roger isn't fat at all, that's the couch making him look huge.  He's actually pretty small. AND ADORABLE! :-) 

This was the highlight of my weekend.  We went out to Summit Brewing in St. Paul. I love meeting people who listen to our show and talking about what they know and remember that we've done. For example, I met a mom and daughter, Lori and Adrian, who listen all the time and know everything about our show. They felt like family to me and I love that. Over 25 years, a lot of people have listened and I so appreciate each person who has.  This means you!  THANK YOU!

Like Hannah.  She came by to sign up for the Walk For Animals and I did the same magic trick with a Sharpie that I did for Charlie Puth. It was fun and I loved doing it!  Thanks Hannah for letting me hang with you!

BTW, YOU can sign up to walk with your dog too! Or your bearded dragon! Or your bunny! Go to walkforanimalsmn.org and follow the links to walk on Team KDWB!

I'm kinda struggling for highlights from the weekend here!  Susan picked up this game a few weeks ago and I got Carson to play it with me for the first time. It's called Tenzi and it's a fast dice-rolling game. It's fun and would be a good drinking game or a good game with kids.

And finally, Sunday afternoon, Carson showed me how to do Instagram Stories. I know I should already know but yeah, I didn't.  I'm more of a Twitter guy.  But now I do! So follow me on Instagram! @daveryankdwb

I hope you had a great weekend. And have a great week too!  Thanks for listening!  I appreciate YOU!


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