Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 3/2 - 3/4

I had a couple friends from my hometown visiting over the weekend but they didn't get here until 10pm Friday night so I decided to bake some cookies while I was waiting for them. 

I love when my friend Bailey comes to visit because she used to live here and was the person I always went snowboarding with so whenever she comes to visit in the winter we always make sure to make a couple trips out boarding. 

I've only been to Afton twice and I never knew about the back side of the hills.  When we stumbled upon it we ended up spending most of the day on that side. 

It was the perfect day.  Snow was good, weather was great, and wonderful company.  We ended up sitting on the patio at the chalet on the top of the mountain for drinks, that's how nice out it was!

Saturday night I was out at Wild Bill's in Blaine for their Spring Break promotion.  Next week I'll be at the Wild Bill's in Woodbury from 11pm - 1am.  I love these types of events because I always get to meet a bunch of listeners! 

I worked Sunday and honestly didn't do anything worthy of a picture after.  Hope you had a good weekend!  Be safe this week. 

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