Dave's Weekend in Five Photos March 2-4

Happy End-Of-The Weekend!

My weekend started off great and busy and kind of ended with a dull thud.  Sunday, I went to the airport to go flying and that would have definitely been the highlight of my day but it was too windy to fly.

Here, in no particular chronological order, is my weekend in five photos!

It wasn't super warm on Saturday but warm enough to get the bike out and ride to Floyd's in Victoria. Normally, Floyd's is packed with bikes, but this time, there was only one other rider there dumb enough to get out in 43 degree weather!

It's hard to take good pictures of food, but this is a home made pizza I made Friday.  My daughter Allison came over so all of us made a personalized pizza.  We watched "47 Meters Down" which was good, not great.

My wife got me a cappucino/late/espresso machine for Christmas and I finally got it out and tried it this weekend.  It's awesome!  See my Instagram @daveryankdwb for a video of the thing doing it's magic.

Okay, don't forget, I'm SUPER cool.  But I also have 4 bird feeders in my yard and this weekend I put this bird bath out there. Yes, it looks wobbly and cheap because it is.

Saturday night, Susan, Carson and I went to see MN Roller Girls at Roy Wilkins.  It was awesome and fun and a totally new experience.  And shout out to Kimberly who came up to say hi.  Thanks for listening Kim!

Have a GREAT week!  Don't dread the week because it's the great majority of your life and you can't dread the great majority of your life, right?

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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