What the Heck Happened to Heather Locklear? A Cautionary Tale

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Heather Locklear was arrested the other day for assaulting her boyfriend and a police officer. Heather had it all and over the years things have just gotten worse. This is a teachable moment that really has nothing to do with Heather Locklear but we can use her as a cautionary tale.

Here's what I learned from seeing her mugshot. 

* Dave's said it a million times, everybody gets old so don't spend your life basing your worth on your looks because as you can see in the mugshot, things will eventually go downhill.

* Drugs and Alcohol just make life harder especially when you're dealing with problems outside of your control.  NY Post reported on the Locklear's downhill spiral, 

A family member told The Post on Tuesday that Locklear has been struggling with her inner demons — mainly anxiety and substance abuse — despite numerous stints in rehab.

Her issues have wreaked havoc on her body — as well as her relationships, the kin said. The actress has now divorced twice and gone through a slew of boyfriends since.

* Don't live your life on a pedestal.  Locklear was put on the pedestal her entire life, I think most of you reading this don't live life on one but we all know people who do.  I live my life as someone that likes to get up on the pedestal but I'm not there all the time because if and when you fall off the fall is much longer and when you hit rock bottom it's 3x harder.  

Case in point:  See her mugshot from earlier this week, that ladies and gentleman is hitting rock bottom (again) and she hit it much harder than you or I.


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