How Music Affects Your Workout

There’s a science to picking the right playlist for your workout. You don’t want something that’s going to accidentally make you work less hard. You want something that’s going to pump you up and push you to keep going. It’s the same reason places like SoulCycle exist – so you can jam while you workout.


Depending on the music you choose, you could be enticed to go harder at the gym. This means that when your favorite song comes on and you get super fired up, that’s the best time to jump on the treadmill and really get your heart pumping. Upbeat songs will always pump you up for a workout.


Not only does great music pump you up, but it can give you more self-confidence, too. 

Research shows that music improves the motor coordination within your brain, thus improving literal bodily movement. If you've ever moved to the beat during a Zumba or kickboxing class and literally felt the beat take overyour bod, you know what I'm talking about, fam. This can lead to increased overall confidence and a positive association with exercise, leading you to come back for more and more (with your earbuds in hand, of course).

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