Steve-O's Presidents Day Weekend in Five Pics

I hope you're like us and got to have a three day weekend, mine was spent running around doing stuff.  Saturday I got up early (for the weekend) and headed the U of M for the MSP Fit Fest which if you've never been is a blast.  It's a day of classes, seminars, and activities for helping people reach their fitness goals.  

Falen is actually the one that took this picture but I think it's fair that I share it. I've never done anythig like this before and I know that this sort of activity is a great workout but I'll just remember the stretch which was the deepest I've ever experienced and in this shot, I can feel all the sickness I'm walking around with rush to my head.

My wife's friend, Amy had some of her work in an exhibit in Hopkins so I put on by bow tie and we went to an art exhibit on Saturday and I took a picture of this painting that I thought was really creative. The painting is called "Greed is a Trap" and I thought it was a fun concept and done amazingly well.  

 After the art show drove to the North Loop for our friend Amanda's birthday party at Inbound Brewery.  Here I am in a casual photo with the birthday girl and her sister, Ericka after having two or three delicious craft beers.  

Finally, because I can't go a weekend in five pictures blog post without a picture of an animal here's Murray and the vet on Monday morning with my wife.  Murray is a mama's boy, she loves him and he's very unsure about me.

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