Dave's President's Day Weekend in Five Photos

I hope you had a great President's Day Weekend! I went to Colorado with Carson.  Here's what we did!

We got up at 5am Saturday to drive up to Breckenridge and were on the slopes by 8:30.  Carson is more adventurous than me so he wanted to go to the highest lift we possibly could which as you can see by the sign is 12,000+ feet up, even higher than trees grow. It was a hard slope and he nailed it but I came down really slooooooowwwwly. But it was fun and I told him it was good that he pushed me to do it!

This is lower down the mountain where we stopped for a few minutes. The view was amazing so I had to take a picture.

We went to a Colorado Avalanche game on Sunday, Carson's first NHL game. We're just not a hockey family so we don't go to games, but this was a lot of fun.

We met Chase for dinner Sunday night.  Here's Chase showing Carson something on his phone.  I love this picture of my boys!

Just kind of an unusual picture taken in Denver Sunday before we took off. Would you be surprised to know that's a woman de-icing our plane? You'd better not be, you sexist! ;-)

Hope you had a memorable or at least relaxing weekend.  Thanks for looking at my blog!


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