Throwback Thursday: VERY Early *NSYNC at KDWB

*NSYNC formed in 1995 so I'm guessing this is Star Party 1998, a few months after their first single, "I Want You Back."

A little background:  Each year, KDWB's Star Party gets huge, established acts and a handful of newer, unfamiliar acts with very small followings.  Especially back before social media, only a few people knew who *NSYCN was, with only one radio hit and a video.

That year, Star Party was at International Market Square, which basically is a big rectangular office building with a big atrium where we put the stage.  People could watch the show from the ground floor, or go up a few levels to look down on the acts.

That's where I first saw them. Four dark haired boys and one with blonde, curly hair. Honestly, even then it looked a little ridiculous!

These pictures were taken by someone who worked at KDWB during their soundcheck. Justin stood out ONLY because of his blonde hair and JC actually did most of the singing. (JC is a much better singer than JT)

We took the pictures, put them away and kind of forgot about them. Until months later when *NSYNC got huge. Then we pulled them back out and said, "Hey cool! Look at these guys before they were famous!"

I'm not sure what happened to the pictures of Joey and Lance. Maybe we threw them away thinking, "Aw, these kids are never going to amount to anything anyway!"

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