Instagram is Stealing Another Feature from Snapchat

By now, I think we're all aware that Instagram is the far superior media outlet for all your 'story' needs. It's been passing Snapchat up slowly, until last week when Snapchat S.T.B. with it's new update & now Instagram is the King of the World. 

However, Instagram is testing out a Snapchat feature rip-off and my life is falling into shambles. 

F you, Instagram. F you.

I, like every girl in the world (guys, we know you do this too), love to creep. You creep on the guy you think is hot, your ex, your ex's crazy new girl friend, your ex's crazy new girl friend's ex, and so on... really it's a rabbit hole. But HOW may I ask, am I supposed to take a creepy screen shot of someone's story and send it to my best friend to over analysis now!??

According to Tech Crunch "Instagram is testing a feature that will show users when someone else takes a screenshot of their story. Users included in the test are getting a warning that the next time they take a screenshot of a friend’s story the friend will be able to see it."

The upside (if an upside is even possible at this point) is that you also get notifications to finally know who's creeping on your stories, as seen below.

POSITIVE THINKING: This is only a test & maybe it will go nowhere, but also maybe, this update will definitely ruin my life.


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