HELP! What Breed is this Listener's Puppy!?

We received an email from our awesome Listener, Keila, asking for our help to identify the breed of her new pup! We're not sure what breed he is, but you might! Read Kelia's email below and check out the picture of Steven! 

Hello DR Show, You're ALL my favorite! 

I know you guys are animal lovers and so are your listeners so I was wondering if you could help me try and figure out if what breed this dog is!

I got him a couple weeks ago from an extended family member whose daughters were gifted him for Christmas. The parents were not asked about it before the fact. The girls did not end up taking care of him and according to my cousin (who lives with them), he faced all kinds of neglect including being yelled at, having things thrown AT him and no vet visits/training.

My cousin let me know that they were giving him away for free and we went to pick him up right away. They didn't have ANY type of records and apparently they were not given any records either.

Since being with us we've taken him to the groomers, vet and got him microchipped. Per the vet he's right around 12/13 weeks (since he still has puppy teeth) & weighed about  13lbs when we brought him in. 

Per the vet he may be an australian mix of some kind or a doodle, golden or labra 😊 , but after spending some time googling all of those breeds I still cannot find dogs that look like him and I think it's just his one dark ear that is throwing me off.

Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could maybe post it on the website and have your listeners help me zero in on what breed he might be.

His name is Steven!

- Keila

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