Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: February 9 - 11th

This was a weekend that we'd been preparing for and looking forward to for a very long time. Making Eagle Scout is something only 4% of all Boy Scouts achieve and Carson has been working hard on it for years.

This weekend was his Eagle Court of Honor. It's hard to choose just a few pictures to post here (Thanks to his sister, Allison for taking the pictures!) but here is a favorite. That's Chanhassen Mayer Denny Laufenburger. Carson pretty much thinks the mayor is his buddy and he was proud to have him there and to hear his speech.

Saturday night, Carson's jazz band concert.  That's Carson on drums.  I hear him practice in the basement but hearing him with the band really blew me away! They sounded amazing!

Sorry, another picture from the Court of Honor. Susan and I are getting the parent's pins.

Had to show you this cake! Those are actual recreations of all of Carson's 28 merit badges, created by Queen of Cakes. They didn't give me a freebie for mentioning them, and I don't have to. I just wanted to show you what a great job they did. Everyone raved about the detail!

Okay, I admit it. There really wasn't much else going on with me this weekend.  I did get on my mini-eliptical while watching the Olympics.

That's it! Thanks for looking at my blog! Have a GRRRRRRRREEAT week!

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