Women Have No Problem Turning on Me But Say Something About Falen...

I'll be honest, I don't know exactly where to start but I'm sharing this because I find the reaction to a recent feature "Give Me Your Best and Worst" perplexing. The feature was my idea and never meant to be actually mean, it's supposed to be sarcastic, it's a goofy way to get people to ROAST the show but I KNEW people would get upset so I also asked people to say something nice.

Dave's picture went up first, mine went up next and Falen's selfie went up on Thursday.

Here's one of the first comments I read.

Nope. Let's not do this. Falen you look beautiful. Nothing bad to say. Don't we all face enough negativity? Without people asking I'm sure people have enough to say to her because people suck. Falen you are gorgeous no matter what the trolls on here say.

I agree with what she says, "Don't we all face enough negativity?" but I wasn't looking for "negativity" we were asking for people to say something nice and then roast us like they roast their friends.  This wasn't the only comment like this, a majority of women commented something similar.

Here's the rub for me. 

Go check out the article with Dave, Falen, and my pictures along with some of the best "Best and Worst" comments and notice that NOBODY came to Dave and my defense.  I don't need someone to defend me because like Falen I knew what picture was going to be posted on the website but what does it say about us as a people that we defend one but not the other.  

If you've watched Black Mirror it reminded me of "Nosedive" and I won't get more into HOW but I hope if you have seen it you see the comparison (or not, that show can be a real mind f***).

I do have to point our two people that did come to my defense, 

Miss Did anyone see this bit they post about Steve-O?? Because people had no problem saying “good” and “bad” things about him.

Chelsey I was just going to say this! “Everyone” took the chance to bash on Steve-o but no one wants to bash on falen. (Not that we should be bashing anyone period) why is it okay to say bad things about guys but once it comes to the ladies it’s wrong?

I don't know if there's a lesson to be learned, I actually theorize that something like this will always happen and while the goal is to still, of course, teach people to treat others well. We also need to teach others that life isn't fair and you can either complain about it or learn from it and move on.  

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