The Best Activity For Boys and Girls

I had to look twice to see that most of the kids in the above photo are girls! 

You might not watch the entire video about Scouting that I've posted below, but let me just say there's one sentence in this piece that I really think says it all:

“Kids want what we have. The traditional aspects of outdoors, camping, adventure, hiking. This is what we do.”

I'll throw in that Scouting also teaches morals, respect, social skills and independence.  Ya know, important stuff like that.

If you have a young boy or girl, they can join Scouts in kindergarten, but they can actually join ANYTIME. They can be 14 and still become a new scout! Any kid under 18 can join.

Allison was in volleyball in high school. She went to every practice and training session. She played about 2 points per game. 

Not knocking sports, but it tends to reward only the fastest, tallest, strongest and most talented. NO ONE sits on the bench in Scouting. And with Scouting today, we welcome kids in sports. I tell our kids, "Come right from football! We don't care if you're sweaty and out of uniform!"

I'll never stop supporting Scouts. They've changed with the times and in my opinion, with so few GOOD influences for our kids and with it being so hard to get their face out of their phone and get outdoors, Scouting is more important than ever.

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