Zach Dillon's Weekend in Five Pictures 2-1/2-4

1.) Justin Timberlake was the star of the Super Bowl on Sunday night! He actually arrived earlier in the week to prepare for the Halftime show but also to do a special appearance at Paisley Park on Thursday night.  That's where my weekend starts... Got a chance to say hello and we were all celebrating his album coming out that night at midnight! All I gotta say... Say Something with Chris Stapleton is a SMASH!

2.) Decided to check out Pink live in concert on Friday night at the Armory in downtown Minneapolis.  I went almost the entire show without knowing she was sick with the FLU.  She KILLED IT.  Such a phenomenal artist to see live.  She even flew around the venue like she normally does.  Again, all while having the FLU.  I was going to meet her and then with her sickness, there was no meet and greets.  The picture you get is of her gettin' DOWN on stage.  

3.) The final 3 pictures from this weekend were all taken at the same party.  Anyone who knows me, I'm a ginormous sports fan.  I got invited to be somebody's +1 at this exclusive, invite only, sports star party and let me just tell you how giddy I was when I was there.  Exhibit A: Dr. J (Julius Erving, one of the all time greats in NBA history.)

4.) Exhibit B----- Peyton Manning!

5.) Exhibit C---- SHAQ.  Shaq and Zach!

What an epic weekend... I enjoyed the Super Bowl on Sunday in the comfort of my own home.  I'm still exhausted with all the parties and fun I had this weekend.  Must. Rest. Liver. -zach

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