Jenny Super Bowl Weekend in Five Pics

This weekend was so busy that I honestly barely got 5 pictures to share with you.  My friend Alex came up from my hometown to be my plus one for the Leather and Laces party Friday night.  

Here's me, Falen, and Tina at the party. You can barely see her but Jenny McCarthy is the girl in the top right corner with the blue hair. 

I had people over for Bloody Mary's Saturday and then we headed to Bauhaus for the puppy bowl and let me tell ya, we were in heaven with all the dogs running around.  

I went with a group of mainly girlfriends.  We froze our butts off but it was totally worth it. 

There was randomly a hawk there that I asked to pet but the owner said I couldn't because it would probably freak out but still managed to grab a picture.
I was pretty tired by Sunday so I ended up staying home and just hanging out with my friend Kelsey for the Super Bowl.  Hope you had a wonderful Super Bowl weekend!

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