Is Your Job Ruining Your Health?

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Probably the most important factor to consider in this decision is to determine the impact your current workplace is having on you and your life. Let’s look at some areas you should consider. 

Your physical health

+ Weight gain (or loss of appetite) 

+ Frequent headaches 

+ Digestive problems 

+ Increased health problems or accidents 

+ Difficulties with sleep (can’t get to sleep, waking up, nightmares, not feeling rested) 

Your ways of coping 

+ Over-the-counter medications, prescription medications 

+ Increased use of alcohol, marijuana, or mood-altering drugs 

+ Excessive use of the computer, watching TV and movies 

+ Social withdrawal (not wanting to interact with others) 

+ Excessive spending (clothes, hobbies, vacation) 

Your emotional health 

+ Anxiety 

+ Anger 

+ Irritability 

+ Discouragement 

+ Depression 

+ Hopelessness 

+ Lack of energy to complete tasks 

Your mental functioning 

+ Increased forgetfulness 

+ Disorganization 

+ Feeling overwhelmed 

+ Not able to handle typical responsibilities 

Your relationships and personal lifestyle 

+ Social withdrawal 

+ No time / energy for other areas of your life

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