Dave's Super Bowl Weekend in Five Pictures!

I hope you had a great weekend!  It was one we Minnesotans have been anticipating and preparing for for years!  And it was great!  I'm so proud of our state and the people who live here for being SUCH a great host city, showing off what we love about Minnesota and putting on an AMAZING Super Bowl!

Obviously, everyone had their eyes peeled for celebrities.  I didn't expect to see any, but I I did walk past Randy Moss at Super Bow Live on Nicollet Mall yesterday.  But today took it all.

I was at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie because I'm an airplane nerd and I wanted to see all the big private jets coming in for the game.  I walked in the lobby and was talking to some friends who worked there and they said, "Shaq is here. He's sitting right behind you."

I turned around slowly and there he was, hanging with his friends, waiting for some maintenance to be done on his plane.  I didn't want to be THAT guy and go over and ask for a selfie, but I texted Steve and Falen he was there and Falen said "Don't be a p***y! Go get a selfie!"  

I walked up to him and he was so nice.  I told him if I got a selfie, I'd have a great story for my radio show.  He laughed and said he was a deejay too.  He told me he played "white man rock" and started singing "Jessie's Girl".  I started singing along with him and his friends were laughing.  Then we all sang "I Love Rock and Roll" and we all laughed.  That's why he looks so happy in the selfie.  Day, no YEAR made!

So let's jump back to Friday.  Steve, Falen and I went to the Pepsi Generations event on Nicollet Island and it was super cool.  Later it was packed with people and celebrities.  We got to see it without the crowds.

Saturday I was at Super Bowl Live on Nicollet Mall helping people take selfies with cool backgrounds. I met a ton of great people including these four nurses who work at the U.  It's always fun to meet people who listen to our show!  BTW, that's Nico from KDWB in the background.  Fun Fact:  20 years ago, Nico's dad was a photographer for Channel 5 and came to my house to video me when I was a lifeline on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."  (I was never called for the show, so I sat there nervously waiting for that call for two hours)

This isn't a great picture but it shows some of the huge private jets celebrities and rich people flew in on for the game.  The ones in the middle distance are actually parked on runways because there wasn't enough room to park them all.

And Sunday night, I went to the neighbor's Super Bowl Party.  See?  Even adults pull out their phones during social events!

Have a great week and thanks for looking at my blog!

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