My iHeart Radio Running Playlist

Yes, you can still run outside in the winter! You'll be amazed how fast you warm up, so don't overdress! I ran in the Winter Carnival 5K once when it was 9 below and I was warm. I did see people start in down jackets that were peeling them off half a mile into the run.

Dress as if it's 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature and you'll feel great. Plus, you won't overheat so you'll probably feel a bit more energy!

Just remember to watch for ice!

OH!  iHeart Radio All Access is FREE this weekend so check it out. It's MUCH more fun and a better experience than Pandora or Spotify. Download the app to your phone, play around, make your own playlist, get unlimited skips, etc!

And click on the blue play button below to hear some of my favorite running songs!

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