Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures January 26 - 28

Did you have a good weekend? I hope so!  But wow, do they ever fly by! Wasn't it just Friday afternoon?

I started out my weekend by hanging at the Sleep Number store in Eden Prairie on Friday. Shout out to Rob and Celina who work there and were a ton of fun to talk to! Turns out we're all three into the outdoors and had a great time talking about all our adventures (and misadventures!)

We always go to Benihana for birthdays and Allison's was no exception!  We went on Friday night and it was awesome!  Of course, you walk out of there smelling like well, Benihana!

Saturday, my band, "Dat Brass Doe" was in the St. Paul Winter Carnival Parade. We had a great time and met some great people!

Here's a video link to us playing Seven Nation Army.

Saturday night, Susan and I went to Enki Brewing in Victoria and played Rummikub and a card game called "Sixteen."  We came home in time to watch Will Ferrell on SNL but I fell asleep about 30 minutes in.

It's TOTALLY worth it to go to the Super Bowl event on Nicollet Mall.  Make sure you go in the old Dayton's Building for the Prince exhibit and merchandise sales.  There were more buildings to go into but we had tickets to be at the Convention Center for the other $35 thing at 2pm. 

Have a great week! Get out to the Super Bowl stuff! It won't be back here for a very long time!

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