The Present I Got For My Wife That Totally Bombed

This seemed like a good idea.

My wife loves her cat, Roger. He was actually supposed to be everyone's cat, but he's hers. She keeps his basket in front of the fireplace for him to sleep in, a scratching post next to that, a comfy bed in the laundry room, and a cat tent in her office.

So I thought this would be a natural.

Let me just assure you, the cat in the above ad photo is photo-shopped in there for a reason.  I don't know how many cats would want to ride in one of these, but Roger certainly did not.

I got the blame for it of course.  When Susan opened this on Christmas morning, I wanted to try it out right away. I found Roger peacefully lounging at the top of the stairs and scooped him up. Without so much as a treat to lure him in, I had Carson hold the backpack open as I placed him inside.

He looked out through the bubble with wide, panicked eyes and as I tried to zip him in, he started his escape plan. Which basically meant he would struggle and fight and twist and yowl until he was free.

And five seconds later, he'd busted out, forcing the plastic bubble to give way, hopping through the hole and hiding God-knows-where.

Welp, that was it. He'll never try it and Susan would never let me try it again.

So I'm giving it away on the air.

But it must work for some cats.  I found this video on Youtube.

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