Dave's Week in Five Pictures January 5 - 7

I'll be honest, it was a weird weekend.

Friday was nice, I went out with Allison and Susan and played cribbage.  It's such a great game. Simple and fun and challenging.

But Saturday was weird. I did NOTHING.  I fell asleep watching football at 5, woke up at 7 and fell asleep again at 10.   The day just totally got away from me.

This is kind of a weird highlight. Carson doesn't often sit on the couch and talk but we hung out and talked for 45 minutes. It was great and Susan noticed and took a picture.

I was looking for an old picture on Facebook and ran across this picture of me at 19. and it looked so much like Carson does now I actually thought it was him for a second.

Sunday was a fun, busy day. I was at The Wedding Fair and went to see Jon Li play.  He's awesome and I actually booked him on the spot to play at my daughter's wedding!

And my favorite part of the weekend?  Hosting the St. Jude Teen Gala on Sunday night.  These great kids raised a record amount of money to fight childhood cancer.  Thanks for having me!

And thank YOU for looking at my weekend in five photos!

Have a great week!

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