Jenny's Christmas Vacation in Five Pics!

I was home for a good chunk of our holiday break and here are a few highlights!

My mom is getting a new kitten so we went and met him.  His name is Butterball and I instantly fell in love with him!

I mentioned before break getting into a car accident and having a pretty bad experience car shopping at a dealership in The Cities, so I went to my hometown dealership and worked with a great crew of people and walked away with a Mazda 6!

My mom forced my sister, cousin, and I to decorate a bunch of cut-outs one day.  I dislike decorating cookies but I do it for my mom (not without a few complaints though). 

Of course I went out with some girlfriends and sister one night.  

Christmas was so cold but I forced my sisters and mom to take a picture outside, hence my mom looking so tense.  

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays! I'll post another blog from my California trip. Stay tuned!

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