Apps to Help You Keep Your New Years Resolution

So this is the year you're going to stop smoking, spend your time more wisely, spend your money more wisely and become a better person.

Well good!  Me too!

But sometimes it's hard, as you know.  KEEP AT IT!  The longer you keep up a new behavior, the easier it is to stick with it!  We're only a few days into 2018, and they say if you can keep a new behavior for seven days, it's MUCH more likely to become a habit!

Me? I'm getting on the treadmill in awhile for 45 minutes!  Trying to keep the streak alive!

Here are some cool apps to help you become what you want to become in 2018!  Don't close this and go eat a big back of Doritos!  Find one now, download it and let's get going!

See the entire article from PC Magazine here!

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