Steve-O's Christmas Vacation in Five Pictures

It's another memorable Christmas vacation in the books where a lot was started but not everything is finished.  The house is somewhat put back together after the insanity of Christmas morning. The pictures below are from Christmas Eve and morning.  The big gifts from Santa for the kids were a Lego Millenium Falcon for Isaac and Olivia got a karaoke machine. (note to parents, karaoke machines are only a good idea if you have a place you can put it so you don't have it hear it)  

Christmas eve family photos.
Christmas morning

A big part of vacation was spent "building" I started putting in new moulding in the basement and I'm also building an office in the basement which could be REALLY, REALLY cool, more on that to come.  

Inside new basement office

We spent New Year's Eve at home.  Took the kids to see the kids movie, Ferdinand and then watched the ball drop at 9pm.  When we finally reached midnight I was beat and Charlie was HAMMERED!  

Charlie had a little too much fun.

Final pic is my favorite picture from New Years Day.  I ran the Commitment Day 5k at Life Time Fitness in St. Louis Park, I had planned to do it inside because it was -12 but then I said, screw it, I'll run and the result is awesome! 

Life Time Fitness Commitment Day 5K

Looking forward to 2018 and more pictures.

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