The Ultimate List of New Years Resolutions Ideas

People make fun of New Years Resolutions. They point to articles that tell you most resolutions are abandoned within a month, so why even bother?

Okay, so let them continue to live their life the way they are, while YOU are at least making an attempt to better yours. You might fail, but the idea that you might fail should never keep you from trying to improve, right?

I like this list because it isn't just "Lose Weight" or "Get Healthier."  It's specific, mostly small, easy ideas that if you do them, can add up to a better life for you.

Stuff like "Floss your teeth", "Swap Sugary drinks for tea" and "Try Meatless Mondays."

Hey, I can do that! And if I make it a month, that's better than not trying at all.

But I have a feeling you'll do better than just one month. You can do this!

Here's the link!

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