18 Childhood Toys We'd Still Play With Today

We're in that time right after Christmas when we're watching our kids play with (or ignore) the stuff we got them.  And it reminds me of the stuff that I got for Christmas when I was a kid, and sometimes the things I wanted but never got!

Take a look!

Allison had this when she was little.  I still have a few of the little things she made with it.

I play with this any time I see it in a toy store!

And the classic, Lite Brite.  I wanted one SO BAD when I was a kid and I never got one. It's not like we could't afford it, I just never got one. My cousin Brian had one and I LOVED playing with it. Turning off the lights and seeing it glow when you're done was amazing to an 8 year old kid.

Susan got me one for Christmas, just for fun about 20 years ago, and the thrill for Adult Dave just didn't measure up to Kid Dave.  But I still loved it.

Take a look at the entire story here! Thanks Buzzfeed!

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