VFW Prior Lake's Christmas Wish

There are a few institutions in the community that everyone can benefit from, the VFW is one.  Weather they host a pancake breakfast for your organization or a spaghetti dinner because you are a family in need, maybe you just come on burger nights with the neighbors the VFW is the place to be; it's a non-profit organization that is run by volunteer veterans and auxiliary members.  The VFW donates all of their profits back to the community, the high school band, boy scouts, dance teams, sport teams, parks and schools just to name a few.  So many families and local organizations have benefited from the time the veterans volunteer and the VFW is a place of comradery for the veterans that hang their hats there. 

       I became aware of their club conundrum one sunday morning.  My Dad ,a  Prior Lake VFW member and vietnam vet, and my Mom were flipping pancakes for the High School band pancake breakfast.  They were very busy and called for backup, my son, in the middle school band was needed at the VFW to run pancakes from the basement up the back steps to the dining room because the "big grill" upstairs was broke.  My son really enjoyed his volunteer time but on the way home I heard about the Christmas wish and I thought, now this is an organization that could really use a new grill.    

        My christmas wish is for the Prior Lake VFW  to receive a new industrial grill.  They had purchased a used grill last fall but when it broke they discovered replacement parts are not available.  This is a large expense for a small club that focuses on others needs not their own.  They continue to hold all of the scheduled events but they are using the grill in the basement and running the food upstairs.  

       There are so many men and women that freely undertake the task of helping at the VFW without much for praise or requests of their own.  These are men and women that have already served in war and are continuing  to give back to our community.  I would like to fill their bucket so they can continue to do the good works they have done for so many years.    

        Kerissa Garant

We were so excited to grant this wish for the Prior Lake VFW.

For the Prior Lake VFW, a $600 Coborns Delivers gift card and a  $101 Super America gift cards. We also want to help the VFW to fix their grill so they can continue to provide for their community! We are happy to provide the VFW with a brand new industrial grill for VFW Prior Lake’s kitchen!

We couldn't do KDWB's Christmas Wish without your donations. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation. Special thanks to Venture Bank. Plus, part of the donations will automatically go to YouthLink to help homeless youth in the Twin Cities. 

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