Ruffle Shoulders, Swedish Death Cleaning and other trends for 2018

It's out with the old, in with the new, these are some trends you should expect to see more of in the new year!

  • Ruffle shoulders - This vintage-inspired look was on the spring runways at designers like Stella McCartney’s show and it could be next year’s bell sleeve.
  • Indie brand wines - They’ll be having a moment in 2018 like craft beer did 10 years ago. Brands like Omen Wine from Oregon are coming out with small-batch wines with well-designed labels and price tags we can afford.

  • Several week-long vacations - People are prioritizing self-care more and those who can get out of work or work remotely are going to be enjoying extended vacays for weeks or months at a time.
  • Team-based workouts - Gyms and fitness studios will be embracing a “team-like atmosphere” in the coming year. Great for outgoing types, not so much for introverts.
  • Colorful kitchens - Stainless steel and matte black aren’t disappearing just yet, but expect to see more colorful cabinets and bright appliances in 2018.
  • Swedish Death Cleaning” - It’s the decluttering craze that’s clearing messy households everywhere. The idea is that when we die, we tend to leave a mess behind for our loved ones to deal with, so we can avoid that by “death cleaning” so they don’t have to.
  • Curtain bangs - Pinterest searches for the long, middle-parted fringe or curtain bangs were up 100% as of last month, thanks to famous faces like Halle Berry and Alexa Chung who have sported the look.
  • Plandids - Forget selfies, the new photo trend is the “plandid” - which is a carefully planned candid shot. It’s basically when you ask someone to take a pic, but you pretend you weren’t expecting it and you’ll be seeing more of it on your Insta feed.

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