The Carlson Family's Christmas Wish

I am writing to you on behalf of Kathy. Kathy is a widow who lost her husband to an aggressive brain tumor in 2012 and is supporting 4 generations in her house. She is a beacon of hope, helping everyone around her, never asking for help.

In 2016, her daughter, Rachel, became a single mother with nobody to help her and nowhere to go. Without even blinking an eye, Kathy opened up her house to her. Her grandson’s name is Wyatt and he’s 18-months old. Kathy never asked for help or special treatment. She just pushed her little family along with her encouragement and love.

For a while, this new, fuller household was getting along well until about 1 month ago, they kept getting scary phone calls from Kathy’s mom who was dealing with dementia. The doctor said her mom needed 24/7 care, but there was not enough money to move her into assisted living. So Grandma moved into her basement and was sleeping on the pull-out sofa.

In the past week or so, while Kathy’s household has been recovering from their newest addition, their family car has been randomly shutting off when traveling below 10 MPH and at stoplights. Unfortunately, they do not have the finances to fix the car completely or buy a new car. They’ve been stranded and had to wait for friends to pick them up.

The day after Kathy’s mom was buried in Fort Snelling, I received the call about them being accepted as KDWB Christmas Wish recipients. I think it was her mom thanking her family from Heaven by blessing their holiday and making things a little easier.

Kathy is too proud and strong to ask for help but she deserves to be spoiled to have her needs met for once, so I am nominating her to receive prayers and help this Christmas season.

Kathy is a widow whose mother passed away around Thanksgiving and she is supporting her daughter and grandson while helplessly dealing with a broken car.

We were so excited to grant this Christmas Wish for Kathy and her family!

For the Wunderlich family we gave a $600 Coborns Delivers Gift Card, $101 SuperAmerica Gift Card, $100 Davanni’s Pizza gift card, $75 Wild Bill’s gift card, $100 Masu Sushi & Robata gift card, and $100 Uber gift card! The family also received a car seat and stroller.

To help the family with their car $1,000 toward car repairs at Westside Auto Service in Mound, MN. $100 Massage Retreat & Spa gift card and a Vera Bradley wallet courtesy of Pepsi! Kathy is getting new winter clothing, bath and body products, new water bottle, bike helmet and blanket. Rachel is also getting a new Vera Bradley wallet courtesy of Pepsi, HB Chromebook Laptop, winter clothes, water bottle and school supplies. For 2-year-old Wyatt, books like Dr. Seuss’s Go Dog Go, Curious George, Red car, green car & Rainbow fish. Winter clothes, toys and LEGOs

We couldn't do KDWB's Christmas Wish without your donations. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation. Special thanks to Venture Bank. Plus, part of the donations will automatically go to YouthLink to help homeless youth in the Twin Cities. 

LISTEN: Dave Ryan calls to surprise the Carlson Family with a KDWB Christmas Wish

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