Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 12/15 - 12/17

My weekend started off decent, had a fun night out with friends for a birthday party.
And then Saturday this happened.  I hit black ice and got into an accident. I've never been in an accident before so it was a rough day but every single person that I interacted with that day was so helpful and kind from the Minneapolis cop, to the tow truck driver, to the Enterprise guy, so I appreciate every single one of them.  Oh and I'm fine, just a couple bruises but that's it. 

Saturday night the restaurant (The Stray Dog) I work for catered a wedding downtown and I helped at it.  I've never done a catering event so it was a nice switch up from serving!

I noticed Sunday when I went into the station to do my Sunday night show that the top row of buttons are all green and red and it just reminded me of Christmas coming up and made me happy after the rough weekend I had. 

I've been trying to teach myself Christmas songs on my keyboard.  Deck The Hall has been my favorite but I'm so out of practice it's been pretty hard.

Hope you had a better weekend than me.  And if you have any recommendations for a new car I'm all ears because mine is probably totaled. Wah wah. Tweet me @jennykdwb

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