26 (Funny) Opinions That Will Piss Off Straight People

I'm not gay and I TOTALLY agree with the above.  I don't care about the Royal couple, their kids, etc. I'm sure they're all wonderful people with absolutely no sense of reality and no idea what it must be like to actually work to accomplish something.  I just don't care.

How about this:

Okay, this one I cannot support. Sister Act was great.  The sequels were not.

This article slams the Beatles, whom I love.  To me, Beatles are the best evidence that there really is a God. How else would Paul McCartney and John Lennon have found each other to write and record the most amazing songs of the 20th century? They were the perfect writing partners with talent that's so far off the charts that you can't even compare them with any other songwriter of any era, period. (Sorry Walk the Moon)

Take a look at the whole article here and be prepared to be pissed. Unless you're gay. But even then you'll probably still find something to annoy you.

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