Dave's Weekend in Five Photos December 15-17

It's that fun, busy time of the year when we're running all week and probably even more on the weekend because we have more free time! Here's my weekend in five pictures!

A few weeks ago, I'd mentioned during our show that I'd always wanted to ride in a locomotive. It's been kind of dream of mine forever, and I never thought I'd get to do it.  I got an email from Lyndsey who works at Twin Cities and Western Railroad in Glencoe and she invited me to come out for a ride!

It was so cool, I can't even begin to tell you.  We've all walked across railroad tracks (which is illegal and dangerous, I found out) and a lot of people have ridden in a train. But the perspective from the front window, 15 feet up, going down the track, was just amazing.  Thanks to Galen, our engineer, Will, the big boss and Cheryl for helping us get out some important safety info. 

I'll do a whole blog about the experience tomorrow.  You can see the video on our Facebook page.

This is Lyndsey, Cheryl, Holli and the accounting staff at Twin Cities and Western Railroad.  We hung out after the ride and talked and gossiped and had a great time!

If I didn't make out Christmas cards in my family, they wouldn't get sent.  I actually love it.  I put on Christmas KOOL108 and spent most of an afternoon writing and addressing cards.

You can check out North Pole Radio below and hear great music to keep you in the holiday spirit!

I got super-ambitious and made tamales!  It took some prep work so I did some Saturday and the rest Sunday. That's chicken with green verde sauce and yes, that's Spam on the right!  I also made Mexican Crema to put on them. I haven't steamed them yet, so I'm not sure how they'll taste but I love Spam and adventure so we're giving it a shot. I'll let you know on the radio how they were!

The (almost) finished product. Genuine corn husks tied with string.  Now they just need to be steamed.

If you ever want to make them, you need a steamer, and a few other things that most stores don't carry, but you can get them online or a Mexican grocery store.

Thanks for looking!  Have a great week!  Next week is CHRISTMAS!!!

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