Highwood Hills Elementary School's Christmas Wish

My name is Leah Stern, and I teach second grade at a school that is rich with diversity. It is also high poverty.

Our families come from all over the world with some of our newest families coming from Somalia, Thailand, and Burma. These families struggle to make ends meet, and at the same time, find ways to learn English so they can begin to work. The parents make sure their kids are in school every day, and many often come to school in the morning with their children to make sure their day is off to a good start.

Although many of our students don't have much food at home or the basics that most kids should have, they work hard every day. The students at our school, and in my class, are resilient and come to school every day wanting to learn new things. Their eyes are bright, their brains are always thinking and their hearts are huge!

My wish for them is to have warm winter gear so they can enjoy being outside in our Minnesota winter. Some of my students are experiencing winter for the first, or maybe second, time. Some of them do not realize how cold it gets in Minnesota. Most of them do not have boots to wear outside for recess and complain about cold feet or snow getting in their tennis shoes. Many do not have warm mittens, and their hands get cold. I would love for them all to have snow pants so they can stay dry and not have to sit in wet pants the rest of the day. I have a few students who do not have jackets that will keep them warm. Nothing would be more memorable than experiencing the joy your gift would bring.

Thank you so much for this opportunity for our kids at Highwood Hills Elementary School.

Leah Stern

We jumped at the chance to help Highwood Hills Elementary School!

For the students at Highwood Elementary School we got a $500 Coborn’s Delivers gift card and a $101 Super America gift card. For the children in the second grade classes we got them winter clothing so they can play outside and enjoy a Minnesota winter! 46 winter jackets, 46 pair Snow pants, 46 pair of gloves, 46 winter hats!

We couldn't do KDWB's Christmas Wish without your donations. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation. Special thanks to Venture Bank. Plus, part of the donations will automatically go to YouthLink to help homeless youth in the Twin Cities. 

LISTEN: Dave Ryan calls to surprise Highwood Hills Elementary School with a KDWB Christmas Wish

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